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Wisener's Auto Clinic | April 2022 Special

As you are no doubt aware, fuel prices have risen drastically… inflation and transportation services continue to impact every industry. To maintain a quality of service, we will have to pass a portion of this cost on until things become reasonable again. Many of our suppliers are charging us with fuel surcharges. We will notify you when and if your repair is impacted by these charges. Like always we will work diligently to shop where we can to get you the best prices without any compromise to the quality you have come to expect from our establishment.

We understand this impacts us all, so we do not take these actions lightly, which is why we aren’t going to place any blanket charges. We will only do so if it affects your repairs, and we will try to minimize by shopping from suppliers that do not charge us this surcharge. We appreciate your understanding and your business, and we pray that together we overcome these hard times.

Thank you,

Neil Wisener

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